The project: improve and soften a hardscape backyard/pool area which, though lovely, needed landscape design and implementation to bring its potential to life. The work also involved irrigation installation.

When we began our project, we had an overall vision of what we wanted to achieve. But, we knew we needed new, creative ideas, and a partner who understood how to interpret and implement the elements of the project that we had clear visions of. The process of engaging potential landscape design partners had some highs and lows; but, as soon as our first meeting with the Fasolino team was finished, we knew we’d found our partner for this important investment – and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result.

We knew immediately that not only did Fasolino understand our broader vision – but, we could also tell Joe, with whom we collaborated, understood the why of the project. This understanding only helped Joe bring his own creative ideas and insights into the process, which we appreciated. When the planning was complete and work was ready to begin, it began early in the morning on the scheduled start day; and like clockwork, throughout the duration of the project, the Fasolino team arrived earlier, left later, and left the worksite more professionally cleaned up than any company we’ve ever worked with.

When questions arose, nothing was executed without our explicit consent first; there was no price creep outside of our own decisions, no upselling. The different Fasolino teams (landscape, irrigation) communicated amongst themselves seamlessly, expediting the timeline of the project. Post-completion, when the occasional question arose, the teams responded immediately. In summary, it is very clear that Fasolino understands that excellent customer service and quality of work are truly the paths to success. We couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to work with Fasolino, the beautiful end results of both the landscaping and irrigation initiatives, and to give Fasolino our most enthusiastic recommendation for both irrigation and landscape design/implementation.

(Not a Photo of Project)
(Not a Photo of Project)